Tower Residents

Small resupplying tower under four NPC's control


Orginally called the Ivory Tower. This tower was constructed by the elves of Myth Drannor a few hundred years before its fall. When the city of Myth Drannor fell so did the tower. The tower was under the control of the Cult of the Dragon for the last couple years until a brave group of adventurers were able to free the tower from the corruption of the cult. It now serves as a place for wandering merchants, adventurers, and huntsmen to come and resupply and have a safe place to rest.

The tower is under control by a group of four adventurers: A human cleric of Lathander, a halfling sorceror, a dwarven defender, and an elf archer. The tower also has around 50 craftsmen, guards, commoners, and other such characters.

Tower Residents

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